Coordination Pattern™ “Breakthru” Training


Optimize Health and Performance

What are these Coordination Patterns? What do they cause? Simply put, they are the mind−body, and movement–mind link*.  They cause our core style, our way of doing things, from brushing our teeth, to talking, to creating great art. In fact, everything we do. We can see them in the way we move and our conversations.


Thrust Shape Swing Hang

 Thrust – Driver … pushing, pulling, quick, now, “Do it.”, visual, competitive, goal oriented, engages our power and strength

 Shape – Organizer … placing, holding still, sense of order, auditory, one step at a time, composed, correct, deals with details, formal, engages our thinking and integrity

 Swing – Collaborate … rocking, swaying, bouncing, playful, interacting, feeling, people oriented, dreaming, team oriented, engages our imagination and cooperation

 Hang – Visionary … free flow movement, random, graceful, intuitive, kinesthetic, seeking essence, possibilities oriented, engages our ability to be connected and let go

*The four Coordination Patterns are the neuromuscular patterns (neuro = brain, the nervous system  PLUS  muscular = the muscles moving bones system) which 1) coordinate our movement, 2) coordinate the order in which our mental processes are functioning and 3) coordinate our movement with our mental functions.

How can Coordination Pattern “Breakthru” Training help you?   Simple, easy exercises and the principles of using the Patterns are offered in the form of classes, workshops and private sessions.  Optimal Health and Performance Pattern Training may help you to:

  • Improve body mechanics, and the way you move
  • Reduce or eliminate pain, support healing
  • “Breakthru” to behavioral freedom, ease and excellence
  • Improve communication
  • Improve mental abilities
  • Improve creativity and leadership
  • Improve learning and teaching
  • Improve cultural understanding and insight

The work has already included: relaxation, sports, dance, acting, art, music, singing, education, business leadership, body work, basic movement training, Pilates, tai chi , yoga, psychological therapy, physical therapy, social work, worship, dressage horse training, and many types of human interaction.

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Elizabeth (Betsy) Wetzig, BA, CCPT