Effortless Meditation


This meditation practice is an antidote for the stress response, and much more! During the meditation practice, one experiences a deep state of peace and calm that heals the body, rejuvenates the mind, and stabilizes the emotions. This deep state of rest has been measured repeatedly to be deeper than the level of rest experienced in the deepest levels of sleep. In contrast, the deepest levels of sleep are reached after 4 – 5 hours, whereas this deeper experience in Effortless Meditation occurs within one to two minutes.

With practice, imbalances in mental and physiological functioning melt away and a growing natural state of inner fulfillment dawns. In addition to improved health and growing contentment, practitioners find that their behavior becomes more harmonious and socially acceptable. Our Effortless Meditation™ is easily learned in a series of 7 meetings that take place over a two month period. The first meeting is an Introduction. Attending it does not obligate you to take the course!

A few scientifically validated benefits:

  • Increased mental clarity and alertness
  • Better physical health, 70-90% of illness is linked to stress!
  • Reduced use of alcohol, illicit drugs, and tobacco
  • Less hostility and increased ability to control anger
  • Decreased plasma cortisol (stress hormone)
  • Increased serotonin (linked to stress relief)
  • Increased EEG (brain wave) coherence
  • Enhanced self-esteem and emotional maturity
  • Improved interpersonal communication skills

We invite you to come to the Introduction to find out more, and/or register for the course NOW.

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Greg Schweitzer, MBA