Movement for Chronic Pain Relief

The Feldenkrais Method® is a unique body-centered approach to learning which evokes a natural exploratory learning mode to close the gapes between body, mind and emotions. Through effortless spontaneous learning-the kind you experienced as a child – you can increase your sensitivity in self-awareness, and re-discover your innate capacity for grateful efficient movement. These improvements can generalize, leading to enhanced functioning in all aspects of life.

Functional Integration® is a gentle manipulative technique tailored to individual needs. Through this hands-on process the practitioner brings awareness and relief to habitual muscular and skeletal patterns of movement. The learning of new options of movement creates ease.

Awareness Through Movement® Class
Awareness Through Movement uses gentle movement and directed attention to facilitate self-awareness activating your enormous capabilities for self-transformation and self-healing. You are guided through gentle non strenuous movements, lying on the floor out of the field of gravity. Attentive repetition of these gentle movements will help you to discover how to move more comfortably and efficiently.

Functional Integration®
Private Feldenkrais lessons, called Functional Integration Lessons, are tailored to each students individual’s learning needs. Communicating through touch and movement in addition to words, the teacher guides you in your one on one process of self-discovery.


  • Improve posture, balance and coordination
  • Gain strength and flexibility
  • Gain vitality and self-awareness
  • Learn the secrets of aging gracefully
  • Feel younger, more energized and truly relaxed
  • Enhance performance for athletes, musicians, and dancers
  • Help to avoid or overcome injury
  • Improve movement skills of people with special needs

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Carol Siddiqi, GCFP, RYT