Ayurvedic Wellness Coaching


Many medical authorities recognize that most conditions treated by primary care physicians could have been prevented with better lifestyle practices. In that regard, our Wellness Coaching brings a much needed service. The coaching is private, tailored to your unique wellness concerns and goals.

In the coaching, we will then assess your unique “body type/constitution” and imbalances. In each session, we will work together to help you restore balance to your life. Wellness is a life-long journey. It requires knowledge and the desire to engage in healthy practices. We can help you with direction and focus.

Wellness fundamentals will be addressed: sleep habits, exercise, food choices and eating behaviors, digestion, biological rhythms – daily and seasonal influences, and a host of personal energy factors.

Commonly Addressed Concerns

• Weight loss or gain • Disorders of eating & digestion
• Sleeping issues • Fatigue, a lack of energy
• High blood pressure, cholesterol • Headaches & chronic pain
• Anxiety and depression • Stress reduction
• Food choices and preparation • Lack of joy and satisfaction

What’s In It For You?

  • Better physical, mental and emotional health
  • Enhanced well-being and peace of mind

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Greg Schweitzer, MBA, D.Ay