Private Sessions and Fees

Discount Packages & Insurance Participants in Bold

Ayurvedic Wellness Coaching
Greg Schweitzer, MBA, D.Ay.

$100/75 min. session


Body/Energy Treatments

Please see separate page for fees


Dr. Thomas B. Wachtmann

Cardiovascular & Autonomic Nervous System Assessment
—Neurologically Focused Treatments
Chiropractic Adjustments
—Non-surgical Spinal Decompression Table
Contour Lipo-Light (Body Sculpting)
—Vibration Plate (Fitness)
Functional Diagnostic Medicine
—Nutritional & Herbal Supports for Common Problems/ Gut Recondidtioning & Diets
—21- Day Purification & Detoxification Program
—ProAgri-9+ (Only Natural Nutrient Listed in Physician’s Desk Reference)
Health Programs for Men & Women (Comprehensive/Fertility/Diabetes/Thyroid)
Low Level Laser
Complementary 15 minute Consultation to Plan Package Discount


Coordination Pattern™ Training (mind/body movement training)
Betsy Wetzig, BA, CCPT

$85/hr, Pre-paid: $225/3 sessions


Counseling/Psychotherapy(Treatment Approaches)
Meg Deak, MCAT, LPC, NSP

Counseling: $100/hr.
Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT/Tapping): $100/hr.
Vibroacoustics & Brainwave Entrainment:
— $35/session (Initial consultation required – total $125)
—Prepaid: $30/5 sessions, $28/10 sessions
Vocal Energetics: $100/hr.

Suzanne Hastie, MA, BC-DMT, NCC, LPC

Counseling: $90/hr.
Dance Movement Therapy (Body-Centered Psychotherapy) $90/hr.
Authentic Movement: $90/hr. $75/45 mins.
—Pre-paid 45 mins: $140/2 sessions, $215/3 sessions
—Accepts Health Insurance: Capital Blue Cross, Highmark, & Valley Preferred

Barbara Kopystecki, MA, MHP

Counseling: $85/session
Trauma & Post Traumatic Stress Therapy
Relationship Therapies
Coaching (Personal & Peak Professional Performance)
Em-Wave2 Neurofeedback (HeartMatch)

Shonda Moralis, MSW, LCSW

Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy
Acceptance & Commitment Therapy
Coaching (Life)
Accepts Many Major Life Insurances


Functional Integration (Feldenkrais® Method of Somato Education
Carol Siddiqi, BS, GCFP, RYT

$85/session, Pre-paid: $225/3 sessions


Steve Hoog, BA

$130/2 hr. initial session, $50/hr. follow-up


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 Nutritional Counseling & Wellness Coaching
Gale Maleskey, MS, RD

$120/1-1.5 hr. initial consultation, $60/.5 hr. follow-up


Structural Integration (Rolf Method)
Andrei Kazlouski, LMT, BSCI, NCBTMB

$20/.5 hr. consultation, $100/session, Pre-paid: $950/10 sessions