Structural Integration, Ida P. Rolf Method

Structural Integration: The Rolf Method – a hands-on process that is designed to assist in restoring resilience and alignment to the body. Sessions build upon each other, unfolding layers of tissue as the series progresses. Structural Integration (sometimes known as Rolfing® ) is based on the work of Ida P. Rolf, PhD, a biochemist at Rockefeller University. Changes in posture and structure are achieved by manipulating the body’s myofascial system (a protective layer of connective tissue that surrounds each muscle and muscle fiber to give the body its shape and support)

In a misaligned state, over time, the body will shorten and tighten to accommodate stresses, creating stiffness, pain, fatigue and lack of well being; the body’s valuable resources are used inefficiently, laboring to keep a person upright in the field of gravity. A body that is integrated in gravity moves with less pain and restriction. Ordinary activities become more pleasurable, breathing is easier, good posture requires much less effort, people often appear taller and slimmer, daily function improves and increased awareness and presence in the body is experienced.

Andrei Kazlouski, LMT, BCSI, NCTMB



What clients say:

Thank you for changing the way I live in my body.
My feet were so stiff, sore and numb that upon waking in the morning I could barely stumble from the bedroom to the kitchen. To my family I described it as walking on stumps. My right hip was a death grip of pain, along with my the left side of my neck which actually had a lumpy sore spot. My spine felt crooked. I know this sounds like a lot – but imagine on top of this I had generalized chronic pain diagnosed as Fibromyalgia. I have been through a 5 year process of trying to find relief from physical therapy to prescriptions.
When I began Structural Integration with you Andrei, I was only looking for better posture and thought it would help me during Pilates and yoga exercises. After the second session I felt my legs move differently during exercise, they felt longer and more freely moving. But after the next few sessions my feet were moving easily, my hip pain was reduced and my spine began to feel right.
Today, my pain has receded and I have better range of motion, my general quality of life has improved greatly, and my fear and anxiety are gone. Before your treatment I lived on Ibuprofen to get through a day―and last week I came back from a 2 week vacation in Europe where I was able to walk everyday and left my bottle of pills home!
I can certainly say that you are very ethical, proficient in your skill and worked very hard to bring about change and results for me through the Structural Integration process. I hold you with the highest regard as you are a professional among professionals.
How can I even thank you enough for making me feel alive again.
Sincerely -
Alison Arbeider

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