Dance Movement Therapy

Kestenberg Movement Profile Trainings—2015

Instructor: Suzanne Hastie, MA, BC-DMT, NCC, LPC, KMP Analyst

The Kestenberg Movement Profile (KMP) is a systematic and in-depth movement assessment tool based entirely on the nonverbal. The KMP was developed by Dr. Judith Kestenberg  (a psychiatrist & psychoanalyst) and the Sands Point Movement Study Group; it offers dance/movement therapists, clinicians, educators, childcare providers, parents & those interested in nonverbal behavior a refined language as well as a psychological interpretation for what is seen in the body. The KMP is especially informative in the areas of assessment, treatment planning, and intervention. The KMP offers clarity & vision in clinical & educational settings as well as childcare facilities and for parents.


(these two courses have been approved by the American Dance Therapy Association as meeting requirements for the Alternate Route R-DMT credential. And, for practicing dance/movement therapists or childcare providers in Pennsylvania, 30 CE’s per course are available)

Introduction to the Kestenberg Movement Profile (2 credits/30 hours)

June 1-4, 2015 (fee due May 1) or August 24-27, 2015 (fee due July 24)

Fee: $850

In this 30 hour introductory course, participants will learn the basic layout of the KMP, the movement patterns contained within it, and the developmental and psychological significance of the patterns. Through experiential activities, discussion, and observational practice, students will come to understand the depth, wholeness, and vision the KMP has to offer therapists and educators in their work. Clinical applications will be integrated into the course.


Constructing Kestenberg Movement Profiles I: Tension Flow Rhythms, Bipolar Shape Flow & Unipolar Shape Flow (2 credits/30 hours)

September 21-24, 2015 (fee due August 21)

Fee: $850

In this 30 hour course, students and clinicians will focus in-depth on tension flow rhythms (developmental issues & personality), bipolar shape flow (comfort with self/environment), and unipolar shape flow (attraction/repulsion to stimuli in the environment and in relationships). Movement observation, tension flow writing, labeling, notation and diagram construction will be taught and practiced. Clinical understanding of these patterns will be deepened and further applications to clinical work will be explored. Construction of the TFR, BS, and US diagrams of the profile as well as analysis of the findings will be required (for alternate route students and those pursuing KMP certification).


KMP One-Day Workshops

June 24, 2015 (fee due May 22) or September 9, 2015 (fee due August 7); 9am-4pm (6CE’s)

Fee: $150

Immerse yourself in the Kestenberg Movement Profile for just one day. Move the patterns; learn their meaning, and make clinical applications. Return to your work & life with even more awareness and understanding of movement.

Location for KMP Courses  & Workshops, Twin Ponds Integrative Health Center, West Lehigh Valley, PA. For map, directions, & accommodations, go to  Twin Ponds is only 75 minutes  from Philadelphia and 2 hours from New York City.

Online Studies

Although it is most ideal to study the KMP in a live class, for those who are not able to attend, online courses are available to individuals and small groups.

Supervision/Consultation/Independent Studies

Available upon request and tailored to your interest and needs. Supervision/consultation may be arranged in person or via phone or skype.

KMP Certification

Completion of 90 hours of coursework, a completed profile and written analysis/interpretation are first steps in pursuing certification for teaching or research purposes. For specific information, go to

KMP Color Wheel Poster

This poster, which measures 11”x 17”, is a concise, visual representation of the KMP. Through design and color, the wholeness and complexity of the profile is captured. Further, it is a practical reference tool that can be utilized by those learning the profile as well as those who already know it. Available for purchase via Paypal. Cost of poster is $16, plus shipping (which is $4 in US and $6 outside US). If paying via PayPal, send an email to with your mailing address.  An additional fee of $1 will be added to international Paypal purchases due to PayPal’s currency exchange fees.

To register for courses, arrange for supervision/consultation, or to purchase a KMP Color Wheel poster, contact Suzanne Hastie at or (610) 417-0831.



Suzanne Hastie, MA, BC-DMT, NCC, LPC, KMP Analyst, graduate of Antioch/New England Graduate School, studied the KMP with Penny Lewis & Susan Loman, and interned with Dr. Judith Kestenberg in the late 1980’s. She teaches the KMP with Janet Kestenberg Amighi at Drexel University as well as independently since 2000 and has recently started teaching the KMP online. Suzanne is the creator of the KMP Color Wheel poster, a concise, visual representation of the KMP.  She has been integrating the KMP into her work as a therapist and life for 25 years.