Mehriban Ulas, MD, CHC

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Mehriban Ulas, MD, CHC
Wonder Health and Wellness

Mehri Ulas is a medical doctor with over twenty years of experience. She has strong knowledge and hands-on experience in primary and preventive patient care, clinical research and clinical laboratory settings. Currently, she has combined all her previous experiences with health coaching techniques to empower her clients to be healthier, energetic, and productive. She has health coaching certification through the established coaching methodology of National Society of Health Coaches. and practices under Wonder Health and Wellness.

In Wonder Health and Wellness, Dr. Mehri’s mission is to offer health coaching services and wellness programs. Health coaching is a team-based approach of empowering clients in making long-lasting health behavior and lifestyle changes. Along with other approaches, our methods include a combination of stages of change, motivational interviewing and evidence-based strategies. Evidence-based health coaching is designed to not only be informative, but also effective in the long run. Dr. Mehri’s methods used in reaching this service is designed to actively engage clients and tap into their self-motivation in reaching healthier habits for themselves.

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