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The Incredible Value of Play for Adults!

Carol was bored on her daily one-hour walks, so she inventeda game to entertain herself. In the next two blocks she would take exactly 300 steps. Walking as “normally” as possible; first day – needed 25 mini steps, second day – needed 10  giant steps, third day-tried zig-zags and only needed 10 mini steps (zig-zags were fun), and so on.

Little did she know that as she was playing she was also improving her mind; improving the way her brain and body handled space, time, design, and even stress.  So, later she was surprised when she was able to avoid a car which had suddenly swerved into her lane by almost effortlessly maneuvering her car, going off the road safely and well.

Play can be lifesaving which is why the military teaches its officers how to improve their ability to play. Einstein riding on a trolley, pretended (played) to ride a light beam as he was watching the town hall clock which enabled him to get the insight he needed to discover that e = mc sq. Miles Davis played with the notes to find the “real” music.

Play helps us deal with our ordeals, and lighten the stress and loads of our lives. Play opens up and heightens our short-term memory and can even help us use our dreams to solve problems, especially creative problems.

Play can help us to use all our talents and skills better, and even lower pain levels and help us heal faster. Play can bring incredible insights into the way you and others function in daily life.

Many people have discovered that a family that plays together is creating a structure and trust that helps when problems arise. The same trust issues can be developed by play in business, which is why those golf and other outings are important and worth the time and money.

There is a funny paradox:  play can improve us without our knowing it. Useful play is a skill that can be improved. You too can learn how to use play more effectively which is why I have joined with Jungian and play expert, Dr. Mary Alice Long, to create the workshop: “Know Thy Self and Play for Success.”

Join us for four days of playful transformation. For more information see our flyer.  Learn how to play with your problems and stress and turn them into the game pieces of success, as you also improve your
creativity and leadership abilities (including parenting).  Besides, we are going to be playing and we’re going to have fun!

By Betsy Wetzig, Originator of Coordination Pattern™ “Breakthru” Training


When Is It My Turn? I’m tired of feeling stressed!

Does this sound like you?  It was me.

“Caught between…. The sandwich generation….. no time……stressed, running through life…. pulled every which way.  I love my husband, my kids, my parents, his Dad, my kid’s friends, my friends.  Am I crazy?  I want the very best for them.  I wonder how we can better communicate.  What do they want? Need? As a wife, mother, co-worker and friend,  I have to be a their leader and a supporter, but I can see us all falling into the same stress traps, and all living with chronic often destructive stress.  I see them stuck in certain behaviors which cause them problems.   How am I stuck? Am I the one on a treadmill which is going in the wrong direction?” 

Then I started working with Betsy Wetzig and her Coordination Pattern Training to fix my chronic knee and back pains.  She told me about her upcoming (it was last January) Self and JOY Renewal Retreat.  The flyer read……Release, Refresh, ReJoy and ReNew! …….. It sounded like my turn!  Break out of the behaviors which are holding you back, making life less fun or even causing chronic stress and pain.  It so sounded like just what I needed, including a mini one and a half day vacation.  Enjoy fun, play, food/cooking, and music as you improve the way you move, enjoy life and interact with others.  And that’s exactly what happened.

From the start, I got a core understanding of my style and how other people were different from me.  I saw how some of my “restricting” habits were learned in my family and culture and how I was handing them on.

By Saturday, as we all entered into a fun competition of salad plate design I saw a new me, using the new creativity and communication skills, I had learned just that morning.  But most of all I learned how to turn stress into something positive.  I experienced how the Coordination Pattern Training exercises opened up both my movement and my mental processes so I could respond to stress in a healthy positive way.

Betsy said that Coordination Pattern Training does not “change the computer, but it does clean up your basic hard drive and get all the programs and apps working smoothly.  It helps you to breakthrough to your best self and your easiest way of functioning.” Release, Refresh, ReJoy and ReNew! …….. It was my turn!

“ JANET”, a doctor’s wife.


It doesn’t matter what is causing our pain – Fibromyalgia, post-polio, sore muscles from gardening, playing a sport or some other physical problem, life can be a real challenge!  Mine happens to be post-polio.  The doctor said to me way back in 1959, “the problem with you polio patients is that you “over−do− it” and then in about 40 years you start having physical problems.”  Yup, she was right, that’s what happened!

Polio patients have been labeled as Type A’s.  I am a type “A” to the medical world, but in the alternative world where we have the 4 COORDINATION PATTERNS of THRUST, SHAPE, SWING, HANG, I am a THRUST.

Betsy Wetzig, a former professional dancer, discovered and researched these neuromuscular patterns which are the mind−body and/or movement−mind link.  When THRUST is our dominant pattern, we push into every barrier with speed, directness and intensity.

Boy!  Until Betsy told me, I never knew I could physically and mentally function as a Type A/ THRUST and do it in an easier and relaxed way.

No wonder my muscles got tight and hurt!  After a spinal fusion, physical therapy got me strong and walking well, but I was in a lot of pain. I learned from Betsy that I had been doing the exercises incorrectly – tightening muscles to make them move, substituting stronger muscles for the weaker ones, and breathing incorrectly.

I finally learned how to exercise correctly. It is amazing how easy it is to move when we are aware of our body and know how to move it in an easy way.

Betsy could see where I held energy or tightened my body in order to move.  She calls these over−rides!  They can cause all kind of problems with the joints and muscles.  Just looking at the words  THRUST, SHAPE, SWING, HANG  you can get the idea of how they relate to our movements, but they also determine how we think, learn, relate to others, and so much more!  THEY ARE WHO WE ARE AT THE MOST BASIC LEVEL OF OUR EXISTANCE!  It is all so fascinating!  My daughter has two 3 year olds and working with Betsy has allowed her to understand them so that she can appreciate their differences instead of judging them and trying to change them.

With the COORDINATION PATTERN “BREAKTHRU” TRAINING, I was also able to understand the physical bad habits which were blocking my growth and the understanding of myself.  Little by little my understanding of my true nature enabled me to become more in touch with who I really was and understand what my purpose in life really was – this was my mental “breakthrough.”  

My purpose in working with Betsy was to eliminate pain in my body, but fortunately I got so much more.  It really proves that the mind and body are one.  Imagine, just doing easy, simple physical exercises with correct breathing can change your life on every level!

Twin Ponds Integrative Health Center is the result of the clarity and creativity of this “breakthru.”  COORDINATION PATTERN TRAINING changed my life!