What in the world is a CranioSacral Therapy and can it help me?

There are many who have benefited from this fascinating healing modality. Here are two success stories.

Mary had beensuffering from migraines for months with no relief. Life was filled withstressors including long days on the job without breaks and often times without even time for lunch. The demands of home and work were overwhelming and medicine was no longer providing relief. Now what? She heard about CranioSacral bodywork and thought she’d give it a try. What could she lose?  After four one-hour very gentle yet precise sessions, the migraines were gone.

Susan woke up one daywith ringing in her ears, commonly known as tinnitus. She had heard about this condition from others and recalled that they had little relief from traditional treatments. She considered her options and decided to try CranioSacral bodywork.

The session was totally different than anything else she had experienced. Her session began with the practitioner placing her hands lightly on Susan’s head to feel into her body’s tissues and determine where the greatest blockages might be. This was followed by an hour of gentle palpations and manipulations designed to facilitate the opening of tissues that were stuck in Susan’s body restoring her body’s natural ability to move.  At the end of the session as Susan spoke with the practitioner, tears began to flow, which is common as emotions are released. Susan left the session feeling relaxed with a much clearer head and the tinnitus was weakened a bit and lowered in pitch.  Susan continued for three more session. By the fourth session the tinnitus was nearly gone. She plans to continue with the CranioSacral treatment for general overall health. She feels the sessions not only impacted the tinnitus, but her wellness, on many levels.

Life’s experiences…physical injuries, emotional and psychological stress, and even birth trauma leave an impression in our cells and tissues creating blockages that may hinder our ability to achieve optimal health and wellness. CranioSacral bodywork is an effective treatment option for a range of illnesses that integrate the body, mind, and spirit to promote health, healing and overall well-being.

Diane Griffin, Doctor of Natural Medicine, Licensed Massage Therapist