pain management

Could this be you?

And, the Vision is this…

One day a woman with a chronic physical problem had a vision.  It was of having an alternative health center to go to for pain relief and to gain the knowledge she knew she needed for lifestyle changes. She was ready to not only work on relieving her chronic pain but to get to the root cause of all of her concerns.

She knew she needed a place where she could work on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. She also knew that there needed to be collaborating experts in these fields to give her the support, motivation, andthe self-awareness / education that she so longed for.

“When the time is right, the teacher appears” is a saying in the spiritual world.  She was ready to work at a deep level. Her desire was realized when she found Twin Ponds Integrative Health Center.  Now, she had collaborating experts in the different fields to help her with the psychological root cause, help her to be more relaxed, teach her how to eat healthy, and most of all teach her how to move in an effortless way to relieve her physical pain. 

How exciting to have expert practitioners in their fields give her the support, motivation, self-awareness, and all the education she needed to empower her ”self” so that she can be pain free and successful in all areas of her life.

Could this be you?

Twin Ponds Integrative Health Center is your place for natural health and lifestyle changes!


The brochure says:  Imagine your body feeling relaxed and peaceful yet poised with energy.  Imagine having the ability to move with flexibility while enjoying maximum strength.  Imagine using your body free of pain, stiffness or chronic stress.  Well, I had heard of Structural Integration, the Rolf Method, and how years ago people said how painful it was. Then I decided that I needed to try it – my body was telling me it needed something.  I talked with Andrei Kazlouski about the pain level and he said that when it begins to get uncomfortable he wants to know and then he always lightens up on his touch. Treatments aren’t painful like they used to be years ago.  The technique has changed that way.

Sitting a lot, lack of good muscle strength, and scoliosis, had me pretty miserable, so I made an appointment to see what this alternative health modality called Structural Integration was all about. Many injuries and physical bad habits (moving incorrectly) changed the alignment of my body which made it hard for me to walk without pain.  I have learned that pain and strain is my body’s way of telling me it is out of balance. So, it was time for me to do something serious about it!

Andrei is a gentle soul who knows his stuff.  His ability to detect the origin of the tightness within my body causing the physical misalignment was fascinating.  As I laid on the table wearing my gym clothes, he began working on my feet and legs.  He explained that was necessary because if the bottom of the body is not in alignment, the top of the body will not hold the alignment.

It felt different from a massage.  Andrei used a range of techniques to lengthen and reposition the protective and supportive layer that surrounds each muscle and provides a matrix that supports every tissue in the body.  This is called fascia.  The amount of pressure he used varied.  Sometimes it was a slow, deep, stretching movement, and sometimes a constant applied pressure. And it wasn’t painful!

I was involved in the process.  Andrei at different times asked me to make continual small movements or take slow deep breaths while he worked.  This allowed him to access and work with the connective tissue.He worked in an unhurried and deliberate way and encouraged me to give him feedback so that I was always within my comfort level.

Andrea told me that people who experience Structural Integration usually feel a greaterawareness of body posture.  This was certainly true for me! After one of my first treatments, I walked into the reception area and the assistant director who was sitting there said, “Wow, look at you!”  I not only felt lighter, but I was walking much straighter and it really was so much easier to move. Not only that, but I had no pain – it was just so easy!


It doesn’t matter what is causing our pain – Fibromyalgia, post-polio, sore muscles from gardening, playing a sport or some other physical problem, life can be a real challenge!  Mine happens to be post-polio.  The doctor said to me way back in 1959, “the problem with you polio patients is that you “over−do− it” and then in about 40 years you start having physical problems.”  Yup, she was right, that’s what happened!

Polio patients have been labeled as Type A’s.  I am a type “A” to the medical world, but in the alternative world where we have the 4 COORDINATION PATTERNS of THRUST, SHAPE, SWING, HANG, I am a THRUST.

Betsy Wetzig, a former professional dancer, discovered and researched these neuromuscular patterns which are the mind−body and/or movement−mind link.  When THRUST is our dominant pattern, we push into every barrier with speed, directness and intensity.

Boy!  Until Betsy told me, I never knew I could physically and mentally function as a Type A/ THRUST and do it in an easier and relaxed way.

No wonder my muscles got tight and hurt!  After a spinal fusion, physical therapy got me strong and walking well, but I was in a lot of pain. I learned from Betsy that I had been doing the exercises incorrectly – tightening muscles to make them move, substituting stronger muscles for the weaker ones, and breathing incorrectly.

I finally learned how to exercise correctly. It is amazing how easy it is to move when we are aware of our body and know how to move it in an easy way.

Betsy could see where I held energy or tightened my body in order to move.  She calls these over−rides!  They can cause all kind of problems with the joints and muscles.  Just looking at the words  THRUST, SHAPE, SWING, HANG  you can get the idea of how they relate to our movements, but they also determine how we think, learn, relate to others, and so much more!  THEY ARE WHO WE ARE AT THE MOST BASIC LEVEL OF OUR EXISTANCE!  It is all so fascinating!  My daughter has two 3 year olds and working with Betsy has allowed her to understand them so that she can appreciate their differences instead of judging them and trying to change them.

With the COORDINATION PATTERN “BREAKTHRU” TRAINING, I was also able to understand the physical bad habits which were blocking my growth and the understanding of myself.  Little by little my understanding of my true nature enabled me to become more in touch with who I really was and understand what my purpose in life really was – this was my mental “breakthrough.”  

My purpose in working with Betsy was to eliminate pain in my body, but fortunately I got so much more.  It really proves that the mind and body are one.  Imagine, just doing easy, simple physical exercises with correct breathing can change your life on every level!

Twin Ponds Integrative Health Center is the result of the clarity and creativity of this “breakthru.”  COORDINATION PATTERN TRAINING changed my life!