What can we do about the enormous cost of health care?

What can we do about the enormous cost of health care?

Effortless Meditation™

This is a question at the center of attention of both business and political leaders.  At work, employers have for many years expected their employees to do more and more work with less and less assistance.  Payroll has been cut to the bone.  Productivity has risen, and health care costs have skyrocketed.

Although we consider our nation to be the most powerful in the world, there’s much evidence that we are far from the healthiest.  Look at your insurance premiums and you can see why businesses, who traditionally paid all or a lion share of health insurance premiums, are scared as health care costs take up a growing piece of their revenue.

We strongly believe that the wisest thing that any organization can do to decrease their health care costs and enhance the wellness of its staff is to offer Effortless Meditation™ classes. The EM program is a win-win for any employer. Employees love the benefits of meditation.  It is easy to do anywhere and the deep rest is nature’s medicine, as important to us as the air that we breathe.  Employers who have introduced Effortless Meditation into the workplace find that employees are happier, more energetic and productive; this is truly a win-win situation.

If you know of any business leader, manager or business owner who would like to know about the benefits of stress reduction and wellness through Effortless Meditation™, please pass on to me the contact information.  I’d enjoy discussing with them the results of numerous workplace programs that we’ve conducted along with validation for the practice that comes from 40 years of scientific research.
Greg Schweitzer, MBA, D.Ay.
Effortless Meditation™ instructor

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